inPulse smartwatch

Alpha testing at the Allerta HQ


Lots of boxes have arrived! Now comes final assembly and testing. We haven’t announced any shipdate yet, as to not disappoint anyone (again and again)


A portion of the inPulse smartwatch is fabricated on a 5-axis CNC milling machine. This video shows part of that production process.

link gets an early preview of inPulse at the Blackberry WES conference in April


Long time no blog. We have some amazing news that we’re going to be sharing very shortly. Images, video and something that all you pre-order customers will be extremely happy about. inPulse is almost here.

Welcome to Allerta! Announcing inPulse - the world’s first BlackBerry-connected smartwatch. Read on to learn more about inPulse and Allerta!

Photo update time! Here are a collection of photos from the inPulse smartwatch production process…


Down at the Consumer Electronics Show, we ran into TONS of tech people. It was very cool, as if the (gadget) Internet had converged on Vegas.

Of particular note was a brief ‘wrist-on’ video with the Crackberry guys: and some great pictures taken over at the Engadget HQ:

inPulse Pre-order Process
  1. If you received a pre-order confirmation email before December 17, 2009,you will receive a deposit email during the 3rd week of February from our email address Please ensure that you can receive email from this address (don’t let it go to your spam folder!). For those of you who pre-ordered after December 17, you will continue to receive monthly updates and we will alert you when we’re ready to take a deposit.
  2. In the deposit email, you will receive a confirmation code and a link to our secure online ordering system, enabling you to place finalize your pre-order. A 10% deposit (or $15 per inPulse smartwatch) will be required. You will have 10 days from the date of your deposit email to finalize your pre-order to retain priority in our ordering system.
  3. We accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards only. US customers will be charged in US Dollars, Canadian customers in Canadian Dollars.
  4. Before confirming your deposit, you will have the opportunity to update your personal information (including your preferred email and physical address).
  5. After placing the deposit, you will receive a confirmation email.
  6. Four to six weeks after placing your deposit, your inPulse smartwatch will be ready for shipping! We will email you and ask you to complete your order. As soon as your order is complete, we’ll process your shipment and your inPulse will be on your wrist as soon as possible!

- If you have not paid a deposit after 10 days, your order will be moved from the main pre-order list to a secondary list.
- Your 10% deposit is refundable at any time until your order is complete.

First batch has been spoken for!

Thanks to the amazing support of our eager soon-to-be customers, the first production batch of inPulse smartwatches has been (more than) fully pre-ordered. We are still aiming to have the first batch shipped out to these lucky pre-orderers during Feb 2010.

We are now taking pre-orders for the second batch of watches, scheduled to be shipped to consumers in April 2010.

If live outside of North America and would like to be alerted when inPulse is available in your region, please join our mailing list at